SDSC Webinar 2023-07-20

Thursday, July 20, 2023 

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Supporting decisions in strategic spatial planning: a geodesign approach

Michele Campagna, Professor of Spatial Planning, University of Cagliari, Italy

The webinar proposes a user-centric view of spatial decision (and planning) support systems applied to geodesign studies. After an overview of official and volunteered geographic data sources, as well as digital technologies and full-fledged planning support systems, most frequently used in geodesign studies, a real world geodesign application to strategic planning will be presented. Since 2016, the case study of the Metropolitan City of Cagliari (CMC, Italy) was re-iterated several times in research and education settings, as well as, most recently, in the making of the CMC strategic plan adopted in 2021. The latter involved representatives from seventeen municipalities in a full-digital geodesign workshop supported by the Geodesignhub web-based collaborative PSS. The case study demonstrates how the geodesign methodology and enabling technologies can support large groups of stakeholders with different and conflicting interests in reaching consensus in strategic spatial planning.  

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