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Posted 7 May 2023

In March 2020 we held a virtual public workshop to discuss a range of topics related to the development of open knowledge networking and spatial decision support. Notes and recordings are available on the OKN-SDS website.

Posted  10 March 2020

A group of collaborators from the Spatial Decision Support Consortium (SDSC) received a grant in September 2019 from the National Science Foundation (NSF) to explore building an "Open Knowledge Network for Spatial Decision Support." The inspiration for this type of network comes from Tim Berners-Lee's (best known founder of the World-wide Web) vision for the "semantic web," which applies tags with relationships to information on the Internet, allowing computers to do basic reasoning for improving search results and answering questions.

Posted  23 Oct 2019

The Ecosystem Management Decision Support (EMDS) system is a state-of-the-art application framework for designing and modeling spatially enabled decision support systems. 

Posted 19 Feb 2019

The SDS Consortium hosted its first virtual conference on  7 December 2017. The complete audio/video of the conference are now available.

Posted  11 Dec 2017