Spatial Decision Support for the Open Knowledge Network
Phase 1 Virtual Workshop

On March 4, 2020 the SDS-OKN project held a virtual workshop to update interested parties on phase 1 progress and solicit feedback for the preparation of a phase 2 proposal. A few of the issues raised during the Synthesis and Discussion session include the following:

Functional/technology aspects

  • Interoperability with other platforms at various levels is key (semantic, ontological, computational, IO and processing)
  • How could these tools/methods be expanded to other domains? 
  • How could the system deal with questions beyond existing knowledge base?

Human-centered aspects

  • How to scale up participation? How do efforts like Wikipedia and Open Street map managed and what other models exist? Citizen science efforts another model.
  • Different user groups have different questions/timelines/training needs; SDS-OKN more likely to succeed if built in a way to accommodate these

General materials from the workshop are available here:

  1. SDS-OKN main session slide deck
  2. SDS-OKN main session notes

The workshop was organized into the 5 sections below:

  1. Overview of the Phase 1 Project (video)
  2. Presentation of Technology Prototypes (video)
  3. Break Away Discussion Groups 
  4. Breakout Group Reports (video)
  5. Synthesis and Discussion (video)

The project team will be working on the phase 2 proposal through April 2020 and we welcome your ideas. Please drop us a line via our SDS-OKN Interest Form.

Take a look at our explainer video:

The project is building on our SDS Knowledge Portal:

Image of SDS Knowledge Portal